Terminology Help

I’m trying to write some radio documentation and I’m having some style issues that you people may be able to help me with.

Is it “Talk Group” or “Talkgroup” (I find it differently all over the web).

Do you transmit ‘over’ a Talk Group, or do you transmit ‘within’ a Talk Group, or would you say transmit ‘on’ a Talk Group?

Would you consider the other people on the Talk Group with you “Users” or “Members” or “Subscribers?”

Thanks for any help.

Rob, you’re asking questions that for once, I’ve never actually heard asked ever!

There isn’t a technical answer, and the terminology in this case is local. Certainly not international, and it’s going to be one-off those no correct answer. I’ve heard ‘subscriber’ used too. As for naming, well it depends on who they are? If a talkgroup (my preferred terminology) is in my case the guys who work on stage, then their group would be stage, which is what they would be called on paperwork, other than LX, and FOH who also share a channel. I guess I’d pick ‘members’ if I needed a description of people in each one. I’d also say something like “which talkgroup are you in?” But ‘on’ would do too.

Users, members or subscribers depends on who they are, off the radio system which is just the tool. Members of a club, subscribers on a bar security system and users for when presented with a radio by somebody else? There seems no need for rigidity or conformity?

Hi Rob, the term is usually written as Talkgroup, and it primarily refers to the virtual group of users on select channels in a trunked radio system.

As far as whether to call participants in the talkgroup users or members, I’ve heard it both ways, so either is probably fine.