Talkpod A36 Handheld basics?

Hello all. Just joined and wanted to ask if anyone has/had a Talkpod A36. Instructions are either all Chinese or barely available through other sources. I’ve found several videos on you tube but nothing covering any basics. I’ll look for any responses on ownership before I ask specific questions. I appreciate your time. Oh…also completely new to the whole GMRS I bought this thing just to have a small hand held on my boat for emergencies and weather AND I’m an aircraft mechanic so its fun to listen to ATC while at work.


Frankly - these radios are being sold with so many brands on the label, nobody can keep up. A fairly generic dual band radio with all sorts of receive capability - like the airband AM section, and load of other bands, but here in th UK our versions can receive and transmit on everything bar air and broadcast. reception on airband is quite good. Spurious emissions are a bit ‘harmonicy’ and there a few phantom signals that are not really there. Weak points are dreadful overloading if you have any local really strong signals. I have a powerful pager transmitter half a mile away and this comes through as a warble on other frequencies and is only 2MHz away from marine band and it makes our port control go weak when it transmits. Menu system is a bit complex, but as you say - terrible menus, so you really have to spend a few hours experimenting. They sell for around £55 here, so pretty good value.