Tacklife MTR01 Software Issue

Hi there and much apologies. My first request for assistance. I have had two Tacklife MTR01 Walkie Talkies for a long time but not really used them. So today I started fiddling around with the software and now realise I shouldn’t have. My issue is that one of the walkie talkies beeps constantly on every other channel except CH1. Is there a way I can reset the device to how it was before i wrote data to it…
The other device is fine as I didnt plug that in to my laptop and it’s software. Meddling I know but all i want is that they both talk to each other on all channels. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, Welcome to the forum!
I’m not familiar with the Tacklife MTR01, and have no information on it. Radios will often emit beeps on channels that are not programmed or are programmed to a frequency outside their transmit range. Based on what you described, it sounds like only channel 1 has a frequency programmed and the other channels may be empty. It is possible they may have been wiped out when you wrote whatever data file was loaded into the software back into the radio.

Hi there
Thank you for the reply. You are quite correct, by writing what i could see in the software which was 1 channel it appears i erased all of the others. However I solved it by using the second one I had and reading the data then writing it to the one i’d messed up. Note to self, leave well alone in the future…