T9500XLR Headsets

Well, I did take your advice and buy these to use in our paintball wars and overall I am please with their performance. My only gripe however is with the headsets included. While they do their job well, since the PPT Mic is approximately a foot and half from where the earpiece is, it’s really not practical to use at all. We do use throat mics from IAsus when playing paintball. But now I am gonna use them as well with my friends when we go cycling. I would rather not use throat mics as they do become uncomfortable after a while when sweating. so I need something I can use in my ear, that is close to it. I thought about the motorola speaker/microphone, but all the reviews I have read said that the clip breaks easily. I also looked at the XLT SM100-MT as well, but no one has commented on its performance. We all wear some form of a backpack when we ride. Mine is an Oakley with several places on the strap I could clip on the mic and use it with ease provided its decent quality.

Ideally, I would prefer an earpiece, but having to reach down to lift something to my mouth honestly just doesn’t feel right for me. I would prefer not to have any long, hanging wires that could catch on something and bring me down or snap off. If anyone has any recommendations based on what I have described above as far as earpieces go, that would be great. If anyone has used the speaker/mic combos, any reviews on those would be helpful also

You may want to look at the XLT SE100-MT or the EB200-MT. Both of these have a clip attached to the back of the PTT/Mic that will allow you to attach it to a backpack, collar, etc. For cycling, the EB200 may be better as it has a rubber piece that adds comfort and keeps it stable. With an in-the-ear surveillance earpiece, like the SE100, you may find yourself having to constantly re-insert or re-adjust the earpiece if you are moving around a lot.

Thx for the advice. I think I will try the EB200 first. I’m probably also gonna try out the SM100 as well. when I was riding on sunday morning I pretended I had the speaker/mic attatched to the top loop of my backpack and I think it’ll be a good option as well.

I was also thinking of checking out the Trisquares as well. I’m curious to see if their distance/sound quality is similar to or better than the Motorolas. We’re not having trouble with them, but I’m always keen to new technology and those new units intrigue me. In addition, they can be used with all the single-pin earpieces as well.

Have you considered an earbone mic? :slight_smile: They are available for your radio at www.ixcessory.com … they provide both a speaker and a microphone built into the ear bud, picking up your voice from the vibrations in the bones of and around the ear.