T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Win a FREE T-Shirt!

A couple of weeks ago I came up with a few snappy radio related quips and slogans to update our Two Way Radio T-shirts. Then Danny came up with a great idea. Why don’t we run these by our forum members and see what they can come up with? We could make this into a forum contest!

Announcing the Two Way Radio T-Shirt Slogan Contest

Since this is the Two Way Radio Forum, there are Two Ways to Win.

Way 1 - Vote on your favorite slogan in the poll above. Post your comment as to why you voted for it below. (This is so we know who voted for what to pick a winner). Everyone who votes and posts will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE T-shirt!

Way 2 - Post your own unique snappy slogan below. If we choose your slogan for a T-Shirt, you win a pair of two way radios and a T-Shirt with your slogan!

Way 1 allows only one vote per member. Way 2 allows you to submit as many different entries you like. You can also enter both ways!

Deadline for all votes and entries is Midnight Sunday, February 24, 2013 Winners will be announced in the Two Way Radio Forum, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.


Idea sounds fine, though I believe that most of suggestions above are not creative enough and do not intrigue. I would go with following slogans:

450MHz beats HERE
my frequency is HERE

Word “here” should be positioned on the front right side of the shirt, just above the heart, the most vital body organ. It hints that hams live with that frequency. I guess that people who understand this message would consider it as cool :slight_smile:

Radio is the theatre of the mind.

How about ‘Ask Me How to Get Your Own Ham License’.

What about “No TXing while driving”?

Or, it might be to local, but what about:

“Don’t mess with TXes”

I’ll post any more ideas I get.

How about;
Hearing Voices?


Thanks everyone for the AWESOME suggestions, and thanks to everyone who has voted on one of Rick’s poll options so far! We also received emails from several members with suggestions, and I’m going to list them below. One member even did a mockup of a new design on our current t-shirt images (his submission is attached)!

Here are the new suggestions that we received by email! If you like one of these, or one of the other great suggests above, please post and let us know your favorites.

“Don’t Delay, Communicate the TwoWay Radio Way!” 10-4!
CAUTION! Spurious Emissions
Thou Shalt Not SWR
POWER! (It’s Watt’s Watt)
POWER! It’s as easy as P=IE.
Matching Networks ARE NOT Dating Bureaus!
HAMS have an App for EVERYTHING!
It’s not the wavelength. It’s how you use it.
Morse: inventor of digital keying
RADIO: Get the full picture!
RADIO FREQUENCY: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Is that a crank-up tower, Or are you just glad to hear me?
Marconi: World’s 1st Transatlantic Circuit Rider

Hams do it wireless

A few more that were emailed in over the weekend:


“Air the love, love the air.”

“Krrrkkk, krrrkkk… come in, Captain Kirk!”

“Hear better songs than radio gaga, radio goo goo!
-twowayradioforum.com, buytwowayradios.com

“Sending just-in-time messages way before mobile phones and the internet. -buytwowayradios.com”

“2-way radio: the original anonymous one-night-stand handheld device.

“Wideband Excitement!”

“Built-in belching and squelching machine.”

“Belching and squelching awesomeness!”

Thanks again to everyone for their votes and suggestions. So far, these are my favorites:

  1. Wideband Excitement!
  2. No TXing while driving
  3. Do it with frequency
  4. Wideband Receiver
  5. POWER! It’s as easy as P=IE
  6. CAUTION! Spurious Emissions

What are everyone else’s favorites?

There are only a couple of days left to get your votes and entries in, folks! Remember, the contest ends at Midnight Sunday, February 24, 2013!

Radio Head With Frequency

Wave Length Is Everything!

Accountants keep the score: 10-4

Here’s a list of my personal favorites from all of the entries so far.

  1. Do it with frequency
  2. Hams do it at ohm
  3. Wideband Receiver
  4. No TXing while driving
  5. 100% Narrowband Compliant
  6. CAUTION! Spurious Emissions
  7. HAMS have an App for EVERYTHING!

This is the last day to enter! Keep them coming!!

And we have a winner!


Details will be announced shortly.

And the winners are:

Circuitrider for his slogan: It’s not the wavelength. It’s how you use it.

Circuitrider wins a pair of two way radios of his choice (up to $100) plus a t-shirt with his winning slogan printed on it.

MrRyker won the poll drawing. He wins a FREE T-shirt with the winning slogan from the poll plus another t-shirt with the winning slogan submitted by Circuitrider.

Read the announcement in our blog for details.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the Two Way Radio T-Shirt Slogan Contest sponsored by Buy Two Way Radios!