Suppliers who don't know what they should?

One of my long term suppliers in China responded about another repeat order, but on their web site I noticed a new, but very similar product, apart from it being DMR and analogue - so I asked for the price. She got very confused with the model number, and ask all sorts of questions that seemed odd? She asked me technical questions about it? She then asked for a picture - so I figured something was lost in translation, so I sent her the picture? More confusion. We may be able to source this, can I ask who the supplier is? I sent another screenshot, but this time the entire page, revealing it was her own web site? Sales didn’t even know the product existed, and it wasn’t in any of her lists. It’s nothing special - but a VHF handheld, IP67 but with Tier I and II DMR - 16 preset channels. Guide price the same as the analogue ones.