Superior customer service

I purchased my MD-380 from them because I knew they will support all their sales. Even before I purchased the radio both Taylor and Rick were quite patient with me and cheerfully answered all my questions.

Taylor provided one of the best customer service experiences I have had in quite some time. She went out of her way to have the radio shipped by USPS for my convenience. After the sale, Rick spent about 10 minutes or so helping me with a programming issue.

I knew I was rignt in spending a few extra dollars to buy from them, and will do so in the future, because tney offer first-class customer service and post-sale support.

I would like to thank Chris and Richard for all their help and patience with me in getting my MD 380 batteries and clips swiftly and safely delivered to my door in South Africa.

Thanks Guys
Lawrence Orsmond

As you enjoy the service,and save your time,good ending and have a good time for use them!

Thanks for the positive reviews, guys! I’ll definitely buy from them. I’m going to need a radio for our hunt. I have no issue keeping my hunting Labrador in check, as we fit him with a shock collar, the issue stems when me and my hunting partner (my brother) are far apart in the field. I’d need a radio to communicate with him when he’s a distance away.