Suggestions: For use on resort in Mexico

Hi, I realize that two-way radios are ‘illegal’ in Mexico and might be confiscated as they can interfere with local government channels because they’re only designed to avoid US / Canadian government channels but apparently customs almost always looks the other way with typical consumer two-way radios so we’re going to take our chances. We only plan to use these on the resort which I’ve read is fine, tons of people bring radios for this purpose.

My wife and I will be vacationing at a huge resort in Akumal and have read countless testimonials that two-way radios are lifesavers for keeping in touch, finding one another if you get separated, etc.

I’m looking for suggestions of two-ways that will reliably keep us in touch from one side of the resort to the other (approx. 1-2 mile range regardless of obstacles). And I don’t know if this is even an option in Mexico but we won’t be subscribing to use GMRS, we’ll just be using FRS. Hope I got that terminology right - we just want to be able to turn them on and use whatever free channels are available.

The resort is full of line-of-sight obstacles (3 storey buildings everywhere, palm trees, etc.) but relatively flat as far as terrain.

Desired features:
-Rechargable (charger & rechargable batteries included)
-Waterproof / water-resistant

Hoping to spend no more than $75 CAD. Thanks!

just go to target and get some 18mile motorola radios they sell and you will be fine. just enable QT mode / Quiet mode that will help cut down on the interference.

What did you end up getting?