Suggestions for radio use in movie theater

I hate to post yet another “what’s best for my application” thread but I’ve bosses breathing down my neck and I need advice.

I work in a 20 screen muliplex. It’s totally steel and concrete construction and 2 stories tall. A UHF radio would be best for this scenario right?

Now on to specifics. I need a radio that’s rugged. VERY rugged. You’d be surprised what some of my employees can do to a radio, but suffice it to say anything I buy will be better than the crappy wal-mart jobs I’ve been shelling out for constantly.

I was looking at:


Is either of these better than the other? Is there anything else out there that would better suit my needs.

Thanks in advance.

I think that you have 2 very good choices. I think that the Kenwood 3200u2p edges it out just a little because it it built to Military specs (IP54/55 and military 810 C, D, E, and F standards)

I do know that my local 22 plex uses CLS1110 radios and they do not seem to have any issues.

To compound your choice remember that both Motorola and Kenwood are running promos if you buy 6+ of the XTN or Protalks.