suggestions for my plant

I am looking to buy about 100 radios for my plant. Our facility is about 750,000 sq ft with concrete exterior walls. I will need multiple channels, microphones that can be clipped on the shoulder, and charging docks. What do you suggest?

To cover an area that size, you will likely need to have a couple of repeaters setup within the facility to expand the coverage area. Unfortunately we do not carry repeaters, and you may be better off purchasing them from a local company that can visit the facility, suggest the best location, and configure the repeaters.

As far as radios, you will likely need a programmable UHF radio (UHF radios perform best inside concrete structures). Our Motorola AXU4100 or BlackBox UHF radio would be good choices. Both models can be setup to work with a repeater. The BlackBox is less expensive, but has less battery life (6 hours vs. 8 hours). The battery life on both models can be lengthened by an hour or more by using the radios in low power mode (two watts instead of four), which would likely be fine when used with repeaters.