Suggestion 1: Add Video to the Reviews? by Dr.Frequency

Ok, It looks like I will be the first to publish a Suggestion.

It’s about the Reviews and the Reviewing process. I think that It would be a Very Good IDEA to Add videos to the Review Threads. You know, maybe by adding a short video on YouTube, (for example) to let all of us know how to operate correctly each Radio.

So guys, What do you think about my idea… ?

I think its a great idea. Well done lets hope Danny agrees.


So, Danny. What do you say about that idea ?

:slight_smile: This is a great idea and one that Danny and I have been kicking around. The problem that we have is that we just do not have the time to do them. If anyone wants to post a video they can.

We can found, for example, videos like this one where someone was testing a pair of Midland Waterproof radios:

When I did my last batch of reviews, I should have done that. I may whip something up here.