Strange Transmission Found in The FRS/GMRS Band

Hello TwoWay members,

A friend and I have become interested in amateur radio lately and have been playing with any radios we can get our hands on. Recently we got a NooElec NESDR Mini 2 Spectrum Analyzer. We decided to test the analyzer with my pair of Motorola Talkabout 8500 which has an operating frequency of 462.7125 on the FRS/GMRS band. While testing the Talkabouts we noticed a transmission on 462.335.200 at around 8:00pm. The transmission was a beeping sounding some what of sloppy morse and was forming rough patterns without any logical timing but rather in sequence of tone. The transmission continued on this frequency until 1:30am and then vanished until 1:45am when it reappeared on 462.334.000. It vanished again seconds later and reappeared at 1:48am on 462.335.400. While searching we found it may possibly be a geo transmitter or repeater with a non-standard input. Would a repeater or geo transmitter be likely to shift frequencies and erratically stop and start while also transmitting just outside the FRS/GMRS band? While listening through GQRX it sounded such that there were small data bursts in the tones.