stand alone vehicular repeater

I am looking for a stand alone vehicular repeater. It would need to be at least 2 watt and UHF. Any suggestions on someone building one or purchasing?

Motorola makes one that can be used in vehicles:

That’s rather a specialized repeater, since it requires a NON-standard repeater split of 15 MHz. (How they make it without duplexer adjustments, I guess). It’s made to go with their CLP mini-radios, which also use that ‘odd’ split, it seems.

Like all business repeaters, it requires you to be licensed for it.

If the OP wanted a GMRS repeater, that’d be an entirely different thing.

He did not specify, and that is why the operational RX/TX frequencies are listed.

We were disappointed in Motorola when the repeater came out, they did not make it so that it would work with GMRS, and we are not sure why. There is still probably a nice market for a low power mobile repeater (at a reasonable price).

For something of such low wattage, there are full duplex repeater controllers available (do a google search)- they require two portable radios that are linked to the controller- one radio receives on one frequency, feeds through the repeater controller and transmits out through the other radio which is tuned to the broadcast frequency- these repeater controllers are relatively inexpensive but I don’t have any personal experience with them. The only limit to their frequency split is determined by the frequency of each of the radios that are used.

‘Why’ would be that a ‘normal’ 5 MHz split repeater requires specific adjustment of its duplexer for different channels.

Faking up a 15 MHz split system apparently let them use a ‘general’ tuning that works, for this low power, but wouldn’t for a real, normal split repeater.

My guess, anyway.

We felt they should have made the repeater have a greater number of possible uses even if it cost a bit more, just from a business perspective. The real why probably comes down to “…but we are just matching this to the radios specs you gave us” kind of logic. :slight_smile:

I guess I should have let you know that yes I am looking to use it on the GMRS freqs. And plese ltes not get into the discussion on the FCC proposed rule change.the duplex repeater that connects between 2 ports will not work for me. I want something more self contained that will run off of the truck. I appreciate any help.