Squelch sensitivity between Baofengs

Hello guys, greetings from abroad.

I have some Baofeng radios here in my farm, UV82 and 9R models, but recently I bought the ‘new’ UV9R pro. I proggrammed them with the same specs using the CHIRP software in my PC. I just keep noticing that the 9R pro gets deaf more often, and is way less sensitive for the frequency I`m using right now, which are both 169,59 and 164,99 (I know they are pretty high and most radios dont work well with those, but it was already installed when I got here and right now it’s really expensive to change.
The only thing I really don’t get is why the new 9R pro is not working well, even with the lowest squelch config possible using the PC software, as opposed to the other models which are just working fine with higher squelch options.