Split cable one antenna to twoway/cb

Have a cb as well as a two way in my truck. Only have one antenna and don’t really want to put another one one. Does anyone know a good “y” cable that could split 1 antenna to 2 radios. Posting a link of any good products would be greatly appreciated.

This isn’t easy - there are duplexers - here are a few https://www.radioworld.co.uk/duplexers_triplexers, but CB antennas are electrically very different to “2-way” radios - which will be VHF or UHF. An antenna that is efficient at 27MHz, is rarely much cop at VHF, let alone UHF. The duplexers are just filters, so they expect an antenna to work on all the bands they cover. The VSWR of a VHF business radio when connected to a CB antenna will probably be about as poor as having no antenna at all! Unless you have a wideband antenna like a discone on the vehicle, which isn’t exactly practical - the performance on one of the bands will be grim - sorry.

When you say “two way”, what type of two way radio? Is it UHF or VHF? Business, GMRS or ham?

Which type of antenna do you have? Is it for your CB or the other “two way” radio?

We need more information.