Specific Application Question

I am looking to build a system of small, lightweight radios with headsets/earpieces.
We use them for soccer referees to communicate with each other while on and around the field.
These radios should be small and easily concealed under our required uniforms. They should not cause problems when we are trying to run and keep up with play.

I have a set of four Midland LXT490VP3 radios that we currently use, along with the AVPH3 headsets that Midland manufactures.
I have found that they secure well to an arm with an iPod armband.
Everything in this kit works well, except for the fact that the PTT button for the headset is right on the lapel where we have to position the microphone.

I’m looking for a earpiece that has a PTT button that we could position on the waistband of our shorts. I have found some companies that make such a thing (3-wire surveillance kits), yet do not make them with a connection for my radios.

Ideally, it’s only the headsets that I’d like to replace, but I am willing to consider other alternatives, such as all new radios and all new headsets.

Maybe someday, I’ll consider getting a set of bone-conduction earpieces. But for now, it’s time to be economical.

Does anyone have any ideas about where to start looking for a kit that will work for me?
What about a good, reliable, rugged lightweight radio?
Any headset options spring to mind?

Thanks in advance,

Oops probably should have posted this in General, considering it’s not specifically about FRS/GMRS :eek:

I’ve tried the bone conducting ear piece and it didnt always work. Just my experience.

I am new to the forum and joined because I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and also because I have a question. We recently got a set of three Talkabout 2-Way Radios, Model MD200TPR. Two of them work fine but the third one when you turn it on, it’s nothing but squelch, when you key the mic it will stop while you talk and maybe stay off but the next time you transmit then it will stay on again. It has been like this since we took them out of the box. We have adjusted the squelch and have tried everything we could possibly think of but to no avail. This isn’t our first set of radios but we have never had this problem before. If anybody could help us with this, we would sure appreciate it. Thanking you in advance. :slight_smile:


Whatever thing you try it is not working at all… Maybe the situation is going to get verse in future

Probably what you need is a VOX type system with no PTT.

You could build your own cords for the type of system you are asking about.

Try to find a two way radio shop in your area - or ask Racing Radios.

They may have a vendor with a solution.