Some repeater access questions

A few questions I’m hoping I can get some sage advice on.

A question about accessing an analog FM repeater. I have a nice little 2M HT from TYT and I can hear the repeater just fine. Based on Repeaterbook, it is 3.5 miles from my location. Just using the HT in the house or anywhere outside I cannot reach the repeater on transmit. I’m using the full 5W of the unit.
So, would an external antenna solve my access problem? Could I get a "intended for mobile and set it up outside the house?
If you think 5W just won’t make it. I was thinking about getting a mobile unit with 20 to 50W of power. Would this turn the trick for me?

I’m thinking about getting into DMR, but the closest DMR repeater is about 10 miles away. Does this me I would need to do a DMR hotspot? Seems I’m kind of lost in the wasteland!
Thanks in advance.

I would reconfirm you have your tones set correctly for the repeater and, if you do, yes, I would try a better antenna. This DBJ-2 rollup j-pole did wonders for me just hanging from the ceiling near a window with my HT. Gave me access to several repeaters I never had previously and can go with you anywhere:

Thanks for the input. I’ll go check my programming again. After all, I did struggle for most of a day with my HT seeming to be non-responsive until I realized I had pressed the KB lock at some point. :woozy_face:. Who knows what I might have done.