Some Cp200 Motorolas are trying to multitask!?

In the last 6 months I’ve had 3 of my Motos go awry. We primarily use 3 channels, 1 is the main, 3 is northside, and 4 is Exclusively for traffic from the Elephant care team. But they have been randomly receiving 1 and 4 at once. out of the 3 radios, 2 had no apparent cause. but the last one had been reported to have started after being hit hard against a door frame.

Any thoughts? Is this something I can reprogram?

These radios are totally reprogrammable however usually done through dealers. contact either your local dealer or someone at buy2wayradios depending on your location I am sure they can help figure out your radio issues.

They’re faulty, and don’t need reprogramming, Thumps and bangs can produce faults, but programming won’t make them go away. Sorry.

Unfortunate :face_exhaling: Into the refurb bin they go.