Solar storm and hf radio

Last weekend during a tx/rx session on my Xiegu G90 transceiver I heard a loud crackle from the loudspeaker and the radio died on me and would not turn on other than to make click sound with no display or function available.
Reloaded operating software into base and head sections with head section taking hours to set up although base managed to reload within minutes.
“Voila” back to life on completion of reload and now working fine again.
Never happened before so suspect recent solar activity as the culprit. Anyone else experience this. Only thankful radio not “bricked” although perhaps almost impossible to do this with the G90.
Nothing else in the house affected so a bit of a mystery?

Software radio is, well, software so these things happen. I seriously doubt a flare that has travelled 93 million miles is to blame, it’s not EMP from a nuke, but could have been lightning close in the period before you switched it on