Software for Kyd TK-588A


Where can i find the programming software for KYD TK-588A VHF handheld radio? Any ideas?

73 de oh6jwe

With these brands, you either need to talk to the Chinese supplier, or the dealer you bought it from. In my experience, they just send it to you - never been charged. With preset, no keyboard radios, the software and correct cable are not hard to source. The only difficulty is that very often, they’re not made in a factory that has that brand over the door - they’re just made up, so the secret is finding who sold it. The Chinese might respond to you directly, but usually you need to find the people who sold it, which is less easy. If you bought it from a dealer in your own country, they may not be willing to share it - many have healthy repeat business from reprogramming and won’t want you to do it.

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I mailed to the Kydera and no answer. I just noticed that You sell Kydera radios. Do You have direct connection to the manufacturer?

Can promise, but next time I am whatsapp ing I will ask.
EDIT just a thought, have you asked on the Kydera forum, Catherine is often on there?

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Right - they say it’s a bit old, but they are fairly sure it is one of these two files.

Hope this helps.


Thank You very much! With NC4IN1 i can program the channels/frequencies. Only sidebuttons below PTT are mystery…

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