Soccer Referee Needs Advice

I want to put together a system for a four-man soccer referee crew using throat mics, coiled earpieces and inexpensive two-way radios. Naturally, I don’t want to spend any more money than necessary.

One thing that helps on that point is range - a maximum of 200 yards is all that’s needed.

However, because of the fast action, the voices need to be relatively clear in order to be heard the first time and not have to repeat information.

The linesmen will need both hands free in order to switch the flag they carry from hand to hand. This means VOX. I’m thinking about throat mics because the wind and yelling spectators can create a lot of background noise.

I’m asking for the benefit of your experience and expertise in choosing the right system and not “over spending” nor “under spending.” Thanks for any advise you can give me.

Can anyone help?

I would give these a look:

They have VOX and we also have throat mics for them.


Which throat mic would you recommend?

Do the throat mics really work well?

These throat mics should work just fine:


Since they are designed for use in noisy environments they should be fine for referees.

Here is a list of other headsets and accessories: