So You can tell im new to this.

OK so I bought a pair of Motorola mr350R radios not knowing that I needed a license. What is funny is the directions don’t even tell you that you need a license. I purchased these radios for hunting, hiking, fishing ect. So I have a bunch of questions to you guys that will know much more then me. I read on a different forum specifically about this pair of radios that if you stay on channels 1-14 i dont need a license can anyone verify this? The directions say this channels 1-7 gmrs/frs 8-14 frs 15-22 gmrs. Next someone said that a license costs 89 is that correct? If so is that a yearly cost? On the channels that share both frequency’s how can i tell that someone is using gmrs or frs ? And if someone is using gmrs can they talk to me if i send as frs?

Channels 1-14, you do not need a license, unless you press the ‘power boost’ button on channels 1-7, in which case, you do require a license.

On channels 1-7, which are shared between FRS and GMRS, you are allowed to talk to GMRS stations, and they are allowed to talk to FRS stations.

The license is for a 5 year period.

The manual does indeed tell you you must have a license for the GMRS channels or high power on the shared channels:

FCC Licensing Information
Your Motorola radio operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
frequencies and is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC requires that all operators
using GMRS frequencies obtain a radio license before operating their
equipment. To obtain the FCC forms, please visit the FCC’s Web site at to source form 605 and 159,
which includes all the instructions you will need.

The currrent fee is $85 for a five year license, which is good for all your family members.

Do not believe for a second the claims for range you will see in the manual. It says 35 miles. It lies. In urban areas, you will probably get from 1/2 to 2 miles. You will only get 35 miles if both ends of the communication are on 250 foot mountains, with nothing in between, like hills, buildings, or trees, blocking the line of sight.