Small Theatre use

Looking for decent quality two way radios to be used in our small theatre. These will be worn by our sound tech, light tech and a couple for the stage managers. They don’t need to be mountain climbing rugged, don’t need to have a long range nor do they need to be water resistant. I would prefer to have better sound quality than water resistance. Over the head, one sided head set is more comfortable than the in-ear types. There would not be clear lines of site. Any recommendations?

What you are looking for is called a full duplex radio or full duplex wireless intercom system. They are essentially 2-way radios where transmit and receive are both always ‘hot.’ This means anyone can talk on the channel without pushing a transmit button. This is VERY important in theatre where you need split-second cues and you cannot have one user transmit that blocks out all other users from transmitting at the same time.

I think if you are going the traditional route of 2 way radios, the Motorola CLS1100 could be just the solution for you. They are small radios, lightweight meant for light duty work such as this. They have a single channel and 1 watt output which should be plenty and the battery life is great for the size. A large Push-To-Talk button on front makes it super easy to use.