Simplex repeater

Has anyone here messed with a simplex repeater? I’m thinking about putting together a little system so my brother and I can communicate. I have a base radio set up and I know my signal can almost reach his house at 7 miles. So I was thinking about setting up a simplex repeater on the ridge behind his house. I know the down side of the simplex repeater and its limits. With that said the repeater would be for emergency use . Or if he doesn’t pay his phone bill.:grin: I know I can reach him if he goes to the end of his road with out a repeater. Just want to avoid that.
So now the simplex repeater would be used for emergency communication. So there won’t be any long conversation. Just quick message or two .
So I thought a simplex repeater and hooking external antenna to the radio and putting it all in a tree on the ridge/ hill behind his house.
My question is I have two simplex repeaters in mind. 1 is a Argent data systems simplex repeater ADS-SR1 or the SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater.
Any of you have any experience with one of those. Or a recomend one over the other?
Also if you have any recommendations it would be helpful. The hill I plan to put the repeater is the main thing stopping any communication that’s why the repeater.

From the information I researched the Surecom seems to work well as long as the radio volume is turned up. However my guess would be that battery life would be the only factor, so as long as you have some way to power the 2 units longer than ( lets say 8 to 12 hours) it sounds like a solution for your needs.

Thank you John S .
I like the SURECOM and other repeaters like the SURECOM. My problem is that any place that I would trust with my payment information is either sold out of the SR-112 . I wish Buy Two Way Radios sold the SURECOM SR-12 . Or theArgent Data Systems ADS- SR1. There are several companies that sell simplex repeater’s that look just like the SR-112 . For about the same price they even look the same just have a different sticker.
Anyway as I have been searching the web to find a simplex repeater I found another company that sells the same type as the SR-112 . It’s made or sold by a company named Latnex RC-S120.
Of course it’s out of stock .
I don’t truly want to buy the Argent. The place that I would have to set it up is on private property. Right next to public land. Lots of hunters etc. I could hide it but eventually someone would come across it . I would loose the radio $60 then the argent anywhere from $100 - $82 I will figure out something.

They are the most annoying and useless concepts to be used in radio. Parrot repeaters make the most simple communication last an age - they are just annoying things. The folk on TV with a few seconds delay via zoom or whatever are so annoying, that waiting a minute while somebody responds is an age - even worse, you don’t know that they are transmitting a message, so you respond half way thought a long response with “John, can you still hear me” and wreck it and you have to do it again. Can you get a cross band repeater working? if you have access to legal VHF and UHF channels - a simple cross band unit would be so much nicer.

Why not just install a UHF/VHF antenna on the ridge where the repeater is to go and run a feed to his radio. He should be able to get your tx via line of sight as 15 miles is possible for tx/rx via line of sight. I have achieved 70cm transmission over 30 miles to home by his means.