Should you buy a used radio?

In this episode, we discuss whether or not you should buy a used two way radio. We’ll talk about the advantages of buying used, the advantages of buying new, the risks to consider when buying used radios, and some exceptions to the rules.

We’ll also report the results of a recent poll on whether you think digital will replace analog radios.

TWRS-143 - Should You Buy Used Two Way Radios?

I think y’all pretty much hit the nail on the head on whether or not one should buy new/used radios. Used will always be hit or miss especially if you are not 100% familiar with how some manufacturers handle model numbers cough Motorola cough. Buying used can also be an issue if buying from those who really don’t have a way to test a radio. As was said, “it makes power” doesn’t always mean the radio can receive. “It powers on” doesn’t always mean it can transmit. “It works fine” also doesn’t mean the serial interface isn’t burnt out on it either (for reprogramming). In those instances, the “included” programming services and requesting a full printout regarding the performance of the radio are vital with used.

Factory refurbished is a great budget friendly solution though. Tested for proper function by the manufacturer, often re-cased, aligned and with a warranty. Least amount of risk for a second hand radio.

As has been said, a used anything is always a risk. If the savings are worth the risk to you, why not? Try it before buying it is always a good idea. So is knowing the seller. CYA, in other words…