Short review for BAOFENG UV-82

Basically a somewhat upgraded UV-5R board in a slightly larger case. Excellent clear and loud audio from speaker. Standard U.S. style keypad with the 0 at the bottom rather than off to the side.

Haven’t tried the programming software but hear Chirp works well.

Bigger flashlight. I like it while walking at night so speeding cars can see me ahead of a crash.

The lithium battery size is 1800mah and is runs the radio all day and then some.The drop in charger works great. Starts with red LED while charging switching to green when finished… just like my Motorola charger.

Dual PTT button. Push the up side for TX on display A, push bottom side for TX on display B.

Only annoyance is you have to switch radio off and hold the menu button while turning radio on to toggle between VFO/Memory, no dedicated button for this. I can live with this as normally one uses only the memory channels.

TX reports have been on par with my Yeasu FT-250.
A great value and I highly recommend this radio. A little more expensive than the Baofeng UV-5Ra but a much nicer radio and easier to program by hand.