Short Motorola DTR550 and DTR2450 Review

I’ve been testing a pair of 900mhz DTR550 radios around the Victoria area
and have found the range quite good. They penetrate dense wet trees reliably and operate over hills to a suprising degree. A nice feature is one radio may be left unattended while driving about with the other as they do a handshake to see if they are in range before allowing conversation. This makes it very easy to test the range.

I also did a very short test with a pair of European DTR2450 2.4G radios and they were very dissapointing. No ability to work over hills and any foliage
may have well been a brick wall. Places where the DTR550s were good were a no go at 2.4G.

By the way, I notice some other activity on 900mhz by other motorola DTRs
(Local hockey rink) on the default channel 1. Guess they were too lazy to pgm some private key channels.

The U.S version (900Mhz) has a 1 watt TX power level, the European version (2.4GHz) has a 100mW TX power level. That could explain the dismal range. I am quite happy with my DTR radios and their range. I have all gen 2’s with the longer whip antennas. Through my travels I have only heard one other user on public ch.1. It was a hotel maintenance dept.

Hi, Somebody know how can i change my DTR2450 from 100mW to 500mW ? Maybe some hide menu ? Thank you in advance.