Shopping, Snowboarding and Camping

So I’ve spent the last few days reading over the forum posts on this site. Really useful and wonderful forum (thanks Two Way). Unfortunately, I’m still confused about a future purchase. When Motorola introduced the consumer-grade Talkabouts in the late 90’s, my buddies and I bought the 1-2 mile range ones for snowbaording and they worked fine for that. We were never more than a mile from one another so range wasn’t as big a deal. Now with how misleading the current claims by manufacturers are, I’m even more focused on ignoring the big circled numbers “25” or “20” mile range on the bubble packaging because it’s just not a concern. With that said, I am taking my family camping this weekend in San Diego and wanted to get 4 radios that we could play around with. We’ll never be more than a mile a part so I was thinking of getting some of the paired 5-7 mile radios that run about $20/pair, but I’m worried about ignoring the rule of you get what you pay for. While we’ll just being using these for fun this weend, I would certainly want to use them in the future for things like shopping at the mall or even back on slopes with my snow board buddies. I really don’t want to spend more than $40-$50/pair. Can anyone help?


Sorry to say it, but you do get what you pay for. You can read my post on one of the other threads. This may help you. If you have any questions after that, please don’t hesitate to ask.