Shipping radios to Europe

I was pleased with the service provided on the web concerning the palette of the available products. I picked my choice and tried to pay using my Visa. Few minutes afterward I received a mail that required my reaction by faxing a copy of my ID and signed invoice, which I did immediately. Even the specified time for response was 48 hours, I did not get any answers about it. Later on, I emailed the customer service and they answered me that my invoice will be proceed.

Next day I receive that my order passed, but in next 12 hours I receive operators mail, too, which says that I need to pay additional taxes for the shipping in Europe. Just after I confirmed it, few hours later I got an acknowledgment that my order is shipped, and I got my UPS tracking code.

However, I can draw a conclusion that it would be much better if the TwoWay Radio service was little bit more exact and that whole buying procedure should not require such as administration for a simple $350 order.

Otherwise, all the services were professional and OK. I suggest European customers to be prepared for unnecessary administration due their inquiries.