Selecting HT antenna for TIDRadio H8 G2

The TIDRADIO H8 Generation 2 HT is capable of being switched back and forth from Ham to GMRS and back. You ask to switch to the other service, channel memory is deleted, and then you load the channel memory with a bluetooth link to a phone app. Nice. But this would require an antenna that is (thinking TX) 144 to 148 MHz and 430 to 468 MHz. I haven’t seen anything like this. (heard a rumor that when you buy the H8 as a GMRS you get a different antenna then buying the H8 as a HAM radio).
Has anyone tested the stock H8 antenna(s) for TX SWRs?
Has anyone found an antenna that is designed to go (thinking TX) 144 to 148 MHz and 430 to 468 MHz with a SWR below 1.6 for both ranges?

If you unscrew the antenna, it usually says the frequency ranges on the bottom. It is unlikely to come with a narrow range and will likely be a dual-band antenna, somewhere around 144-160 and 420 to 520. If there are no marking on the bottom of the antenna, it is just not cost effective to have different antennas for different bands. That is why all these Chinese clone radios almost always use universal dual-band antennas from the factory.

If you insist on a new antenna, look for a dual-band antenna with an SMA-F adapter. It will likely have much higher SWR numbers and will not outperform the factory antenna, but millions of users worldwide think it is “better.” It rarely is.