Selecting a radio

I am trying to find the best radios around $40, i have seen the following but not able to decide which one. I am not able to find where good reviews are posted too so asking here- help is appreciated on this

  1. Midland LXT 330
  2. Moto FV200AA
  3. Midland GXT 700
    Not found any other in this range
    Usage is primarily for malls and outings- not specialized like trekking etc
    Thanks in advance


The models you have chosen are some of our most popular in the price range you mentioned. I’ll try to provide a few pros/cons of each.

Midland LXT330 - Probably your best choice in this price range. There is a version available for under $40 that includes a charger/rechargeable batteries. Lots of features. Range is decent for the price. Jwilkers has posted a review of the LXT330VP3.

Motorola FV200 - Size is this model’s best feature. If you need a very small radio, this is the best choice. Range is poor, however, due to low power output and the small antenna. Doesn’t include rechargeable batteries or a charger.

Midland GXT700 - The idea with this model was to provide a very powerful radio, strip it of all features, and sell it for a low price. This model gets the same range as the GXT800, but includes no features (not even channel scan) and no charger/batteries.

Another model you may want to consider is the Midland LXT440VP3. This set of radios is the same price as the GXT700, includes the charger and more features (such as NOAA weather alerts). More importantly, it supports privacy (PL) codes and none of the other models you mentioned do. Privacy codes make it easier to filter out unwanted communications, and they may come in handy if you are using the radios in crowded areas (such as malls).

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Danny
Thanks for the detailed info- yes the Midland LXT440VP3 is the same price. I guess then i will go with this model itself if that is the best of the lot?
Thanks again

Hi Danny
One more thing what i saw is the range- i guess the least range is moto, the midlands are 16-22 miles, can you suggest the best in terms of

I would guess you would say Midland LXT330 pack with battery?
Thanks again for this

Motorola definitely makes good radios. I would rate their ruggedness on the lower end products, such as the FV700R and the T5500R better than comparably priced Midland’s. The range on those two models is pretty close to the Midland’s that you are looking at.

As far as features, the FV700R is loaded. It has privacy codes, NOAA alerts, and VOX support. It is also slightly smaller than the Midland models. It is a very popular radio, I think you would be happy with it if it fits your budget.

If you need to stay around $40, however, I don’t think the Midland’s will disappoint.


I did see the FV700R - but its a little higher in price. I am trying to see where i can get cheaper- the least prices i am getting are at <link removed>
Do you know anywhere else where i can get for lesser?
I have the following prices for midlands

  1. LXT440VP3- $29.00(incl battery and 22 miles)
  2. LXT 330VP3- $26.00(incl battery and 20 miles)
  3. LXT315VP3- $35.00 ( 10 miles)
  4. LXT420 - $34.00( not incl battery and 16 miles)
  5. GXT700- $32.00 (not incl battery and 26 miles)
    What i wanted to ask- as per specs the max miles are with GXT700- so that should give me most range?
    The package LXT440VP3 does not mention the contents on <link removed>
    If you were having this budget and choices- what would you buy, so that i can finally close this today:). As i said, i would not use these often, occasionally and do not need one with lot of features- more like a walky talky
    Thanks again.

The GXT700 will definitely give you more range than the others. It has the same power as the GXT710VP3 and the GXT800VP4, only it has been stripped of features to get the cost down. It has a longer antenna than the 300 and 400 series models as well, which adds to the range.

If it were me, I would go with the LXT440VP3. While it has less range than the GXT700, I really like that it has more features - especially privacy codes and rechargeable batteries. When you consider the GXT700, keep in mind that it will likely cost an additional $5-6 to get the 8 batteries required to power it.


Hi Danny
Got it finally- bought the LXT 440 VP3- will surely let you know once get it in hand and try it out.
Thanks for all this

I think you will be happy with the LXT440. Please let us know what you think.


I just got the LXT440VP3 and I am quite satisfied with it for the purpose I bought it for. I will be using it for a move from condo to a house and my wife and I want to use them to make sure what leaves the condo gets on the truck (things can go missing you know). It reaches down the 4 floors to where the truck will be and then we will be driving the truck and our car to the new house in a different state so we can use it to talk while on the road. Cheaper that using cell phone and we will have radios for future uses. I did a little testing on range and it work about 1 mile away with buildings and heavy trees in between. I did not try further that 1 mile.