Seeking thin non-bulky single AA two way radio

I’m seeking something more pocketable than the standard FRS/GMRS radio. I’m willing to trade off range for ease of carrying. Specifically what would you recommend that has:

  • Single AA or perhaps proprietary battery
  • Squelch codes
  • Micro USB charging
  • Monitor/scan feature (to see which channels are in use despite privacy codes).
  • A good reputation/reliability.

A foldable antenna would be fine.

Hi, there are an number of pocket sized FRS/GMRS radios available that would fit your requirements, such as the Cobra microTALK CX112, Cobra microTALK CXT145, Midland LXT118 and Midland LXT500VP3. The Royal FRS / GMRS 2-Way Watch Radio may be what you are searching for. However, with exception of the watch radio, none of the other models have a foldable antenna. In fact, other than the Royal, I don’t know of any FRS/GMRS combo radio that has an antenna that is removable, much less foldable.

If a folding antenna is not a requirement for you, any of the Cobra or Midland models listed above should work.