seeking suggestions

I need to upgrade to better 2-way radios (still have old Motorola Talkabout 200’s). Primarily we use them for backcountry skiing. Preferences are:

  • inexpensive
  • lightweight
  • rechargeable batteries (will these last 8-10 hrs left on all day?) do disposable batteries last longer?
  • security isn’t a big issue
  • range up to 2 miles is fine (but more is better)


Typically for skiing I recommend either the Midland GXT800 or the Cobra LI6500. However, if you need up to two miles of range the GXT800 would be your best bet and two miles is even pushing that one.

If you want something less expensive, you may want to consider the Midland GXT710VP3. It has the same power as the GXT800, but is (very) slightly smaller and lighter because it is not waterproof. The GXT800 also has some group mode features and includes headsets, but it doesn’t sound as if those items are important to you.