Seeking help with kenwood TK-3302


I’m new here. I bought some second hand kenwood TK-3302’s. They seem to work, but when i connected them to my pc and tried to program them, the software asked me for the password. I don’t have the password and I didn’t even know they were password protected. There is no way I can get in touch with the seller so I thought I’d try it here. I hope there is someone here who knows how I can get the password off. I have a programming cable and the correct software by the way.
Who can help me with this?

Try 1234, 12345, 123456. Those commercial radios usually do not have a hard factory reset, so you could be out of luck if the previous owner actually set a password.

Thaks for the reply. I was was already affraid that would be the case. I’ve also contacted kenwood, so I’ll wait and see what they say, but I don’t think it will work either. Any way. Thanks and I’ll see what happens.