SDR USAGE question

Ok, so I have been reading about how you can get “Software Defined Radio” two way transceiver or just RX hooked to an Android phone. Question - after the initial APP download to use the SDR, do you need cell or WIFI to see/use/ listen to the SDR? OR at that point you just are using it (the Android phone) basically as the screen?

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If the software runs then you don’t need anything to carry data. Totally self contained

Don’t forget that the software is only part of what you need. You will also need a dongle and an antenna to receive the signals.

Thanks so much? Was thinking of my Go Bag, wondering if I’ll be able to listen if I don’t have cell service. Could even use a phone that I have upgraded from that has no service…:hugs::grinning:

O, ya, … Lol I found some on Amazon and eBay, etc that almost seem 2 good to be true, cheap looking…