Scouts One-Week Camping Trip

I am an assistant scoutmaster and am looking to buy radios for our week long camping trip that is coming up.

Please provide suggestions. The camp site has about a 2 square mile and I wanted to know what would be the right product to buy. These radios at times will be handled by kids around the age of 13-18 and I don’t feel very confident handing them a $150 radio.

I am looking for at least 4-6 radios, please provide suggestions. We will be at the camp for a week and I don’t think there will be any power to recharge the radios either. Does that mean I should try and find radios that take AA or AAA batteries that we can easily replace?

Please Advise.


I would recommend the Motorola T9500R. These radios have good range, although 2 square miles may be pushing it - especially in wooded terrain. These radios come with rechargeable batteries, but they will also work with standard AA’s.