Rugged RELIABLE Waterproof 2 Way

Hi guys,

I am a new member and am happy to be here. I am an avid surfcasting fisherman and extreme outdoors man. I am in need of communicating with my fellow surfcaster while out in the surf. I am looking for a rugged waterproof 2 way and would like to know if I even have any options here.


Since I swim I will need something that is waterproof, lightweight and small and easily attaches to a utility belt. I will not be diving with it of course but it will need to be submersible to at least a meter for a period of 10 minutes, which is just enough time for me to swim to that rock. To boot this is salt water fishing (corrosion factor)

I was just wondering if you guys could get me started here. I know my demands are high but this device is 100% for safety and reliability is key.

Thanks so much in advance,

Welcome to the forum! You didn’t specify if you were looking for a consumer grade FRS/GMRS radio or a business quality radio, so I’ll give you a few options for both.

FRS/GMRS - A couple of years ago there wouldn’t have been any low cost options available at all for a lower cost, submersible radio but things have changed. The Motorola MS355R is my recommendation, although you may also want to consider the Uniden GMR5089. I wouldn’t consider either of these radios as “lightweight and small” when compared to other consumer grade radios, but that is a relative term. They’re smaller and lighter than most business quality radios.

Business radios - If reliability and quality are foremost, you should look at a business radio. You’ll spend a lot more money but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this category, I would suggest the Vertex VX-451 or the Icom F60V.

Let us know if you have any other questions!