Rs23 usb to serial cable ?? help

Recently got a usb to serial cable for programming a HYT t-365 radio unit . When i plug the cable into my laptop running on win 7 it simply does not install and says code 10 error and the software says port not recocnized or not plugged in . I have looked at a lot of forums and site and downloaded prolific software as well as software provided with cable . Still not able to fix it and i have the same problem with Kenwood and Motorola usb cables. Anyone know how to fix this or the best way to get around it so i can read frequencies of radios?? Many thanks to all

Have you tried using another PC (if one is available). You can also use a scanner to get the frequecies. It will need “Close Call RF Capture” or something like it to pick them up.

im just guessing at this. but the cable typically used is a serial but a usb knockoff version is what your tring to use?

why i guess that is i use a knock off usb cable for the tuning and diagnostic software for vw/audi. i was just able to get it to work correctly on windows 7. i tried several drivers that were suggested on various forums but only one worked. which is the old old old one that i dont have instructions for anymore. it immulates a serial port so that the software can communicated with the cable. “theres a bunch of technical computer lingo to go with that i dont know what it means” but its a simple install it does it all itself. if u would like to take a shot at it. pm me your e-mail. and ill send it to you.