I am looking to buy radios for my wife and I to use while riding motorcycles. We use half helmets. We will be using frs since we are only a few feet apart. I am looking at the Cobra LI6500s. Anybody have experience with the RocketScience Ghost M6 earphone? Sounds great, but at $100. I’m a little unsure.

Our feedback on the Ghost has been mixed. The earpiece functions well as far as transmitting (quality is similar to that of a throat mic), so it is great for a situation where you have high background noise. The negative feedback that we have received is related to the earpiece not staying in place. The earpiece fits inside the ear and is larger than a surveillance earpiece (such as a RocketScience Star M6). Because of the size and the absence of some type of stabilizing clip, it tends to pop out of the ear. If you’re moving around a lot, you will find yourself having to adjust it every now and then to keep it in place.

The bad news is that the Ghost that we are carrying is being discontinued. We currently have 3 units left in stock, but once those are gone we will not be getting more.