Review of XLT SM100-MBT Speaker Microphone (Motorola Version)

This review is made in conjunction with a Motorola FRS/GMRS Radio.

This speaker mike is Probably the sturdiest, best constructed microphone I’ve seen to date.

This microphone is constructed with a very thick, tough case. It has a heavy, durable feel to it.

Construction is commercial-grade. The cord is a bit thicker and tougher than what I’ve seen before, which will prevent the cord from wearing out like a lot of other microphones.

The PTT button is flush with the case, thus preventing accidental transmissions. It has a solid feel, which leads me to believe a durable construction, not prone to wearing out.

The whole assembly is comfortable to wear, and not heavy feeling.

Receive sound quality is excellent. With it clipped to your lapel, you ought to be able to hear it in a high-noise environment. Good sound reproduction.

Transmit audio is nice and “hot”. This microphone is properly matched with the Motorola series and presents quality readability from the received station.

I consider this a first-quality microphone. It is perhaps the best one on the market for consumer-grade radios. You won’t find similar quality, unless you are using commercial equipment.

Highly recommended. 10 of 10.