Review of XLT SE100 Surveillance earpiece (Motorola Version)

This is a single wire, two piece assembly. The microphone assembly is two part. A clear tube goes in the ear, and attaches to the speaker unit.

Assembly is easy with no problems.

The unit clips at two places. One for the microphone/PTT unit and another for the earpiece assembly. The earpiece fits snugly.

Transmitted audio is clear with sufficient punch to be heard well on the receiving unit.

Received audio has sufficient audio, but has a muffled sound. This has to do with the audio from the speaker being transmitted via a clear rubber tube. This is necessary to allow this unit to be used in instances where a communications device should be hidden from easy view. You can understand the person you are communicating with.

I give this a 7 out of 10, marking off for received audio quality. Nonetheless, the unit is well made and should serve well.