Review of XLT EB200-MT Earpiece With Earbud (Motorola Version)

This unit is a single-wire assembly with a microphone/lapel clip and an earpiece assembly to help secure the earphone to the ear.

Assembly was easy. The earpiece easily fits around the outer ear and the foam earbud easily and securely fits in the ear.

The assembly is well made for a wire assembly, and should do well.

Operation is simple, with a push to talk button on the lapel clip/microphone assembly.

Transmitted audio is accurate and with more than enough sensitivity and punch for the receiving station to hear and understand your transmissions.

Received audio is of sufficient volume to hear in all but the loudest environments. The foam earpiece snugly secures and allows you to hear quite well and with good volume.

This is a good device and I give it a 9 out of 10,