Review of XLT EB100-MT Earbud Headset (Motorola Version)

This is a very simple assembly consisting of a wire with a Microphone/PTT button and an earpiece. Taking it out of the package and putting it on was a very simple affair.

The earbud was a little difficult to keep securely in the ear. I have experience with another earbud, and this is not uncommon with this type of design.

The microphone is sensitive enough and produces the voice adequately, and has sufficient loudness on the receiving end.

Received audio was of decent quality, however the volume was slightly lower than I would have liked. It is acceptable in most situations, however.

The cord is fairly durable and should last under all but the most demanding situations.

Not a bad setup if you need to use your radio where you won’t disturb others.

I give it a 7 out of 10, marking off for volume levels and earbud falling out at times.