Review of Midland LXT330

Review of Midland LXT330


Power Output:

ERP 0.665 watts High
ERP .236 Watts LOW/FRS

These radios are small and easily carried, they have a nice comfortable feel.

Features: Scan function. These radios don’t have CTCSS or DCS. No weather functions.


Mobile to mobile: Less than half a mile.
House to mobile: Less than half a mile
House to person: Less than half a mile
Person to person outdoors: about 3/4 of a mile to 1 mile.

Battery life: The AAA cells will allow use of the radio with alkaline batteries
for an 8 hour period (test time) This is with light transmit.

Comments: These are okay radios for a budget. Without CTCSS or DCS codes, interference could be
a problem.

As with all GMRS capable radios, an FCC-Issued GMRS license is required.

Complete junk. Low erp on both frs and gmrs. The gmrs power is barely above what frs should be. Without use one of my units is now not transmitting or receiving on the proper channel (1 is actualy 15 for example) and breaking squelch on multiple channels at a time. It went completely wonky and throws out spurious transmission where not wanted. I’ll probably break the board to prevent use. To make it worse Midland snuck voice scrambling into these units. The other one is useless without another voice inversion radio.