Replace batteries with homemade power supply

I’m curious if anyone has ever tried something like this. What I want to do is take a GMRS radio that comes with a 4.8v NiMH battery and wire up a power adapter directly to the battery terminals so that the radio can be run continuously as long as it’s plugged in.

I would be doing this in a car, and I’ve found what I think is a suitable 12v converter. The only thing I’m worried about is if the power from the car will be too “noisy” for the radios. Has anyone ever tried something like this? What were the results?

If this kind of modification is a violation of any FCC codes, please let me know. I know there’s a policy against discussing modifications that break the law on this board and if I’m doing that, it’s not intentional.

You are not making internel modifications, so it is legal. Attaching wires to battery terminals is fine. It has been done, with success. You just need to match the voltage of the power adapter to the voltage of the radios. A universal car adapter can do this… current won’t be much of an issue, since these radios have a low current draw. You are right to be concerned about “noisy adapters”. It happens, but not all the time. If your car’s electrical system is in good shape and all, chances are you will be fine…