Repeater tones - transmit only vs trasnmit/receive tones

I have placed this question in general is it can apply to any band of radio but my exerience is specificially with GMRS. I usually only set a transmit tone in my radio for accessing repeaters but I have noticed an issue with simplex communication coming through sometimes and mistaking it for repeater traffic. I know usually you can tell by the lack of the repeater delay that it is not coming through the repeater. How do most users handle this? Would it be better to also set the same tone for receive so I filter out simplex traffic? Would there ever be a case where this would cause problems receiving from the repeater such as do all repeaters pass on the trasnmit tone?

This problem wouldn’t exist if repeaters didn’t share the same receive frequency as simplex channels! I wish they would change this.

*one example I just thought of is this; some repeaters can except more than one tone like a regular and also the travel tone. If I set one of these tones for receive and the person talking through the repeater was using the ‘other’ tone, wouldn’t I miss that transmission??

The snag here is split into two. Hearing somebody chatting simplex on the repeater channel gets cut with the tone, but they will still be there so if the repeater bursts into life, you’ll still get the interference. Worse, in ignorance you would start to talk over them and they wont know you are not doing it deliberately. On balance, I’d prefer to hear the full picture before I blot somebody out.

I wish the band had been designed better with the repeater channels seperated from the simplex traffic.