Repeater Question

if a radio is programmed to be used on a conventional repeater. once out of range can the radios still work but just as if they were not on a repeater.

If your radio is set on a frequencey it will transmit on it. If you’re out of range of the repeater then it will just be talk around function ( radio to radio - going around the repeater)

The answer is yes, assuming you change the radio to “talk around” or “T/A” after losing signal with the repeater.

When you use a handheld radio to talk on a repeater, it is called duplex operation. For example, a portable radio programmed for repeater operation would TX on 467.550 (GMRS example) and RX on 462.550. Your handheld transmits (TX) on 467.550 and ONLY talks directly to the repeater, the other handheld radios in your group do NOT hear your radio directly. The other radios are programmed to receive (RX) the repeater, programmed on 462.550.

To answer your question, let’s hypothetically say the repeater is turned off, or you move far enough away from the repeater that it cannot hear you. You and a buddy grab your handheld radios and try to talk to each other but you can’t hear each other. You are transmitting on 467.550, and your friends radio is listening to 462.550. You have to activate the talk around feature on the radio, which switches your radio to transmit and receive on the same frequency --this is called simplex operation. In this example the T/A function would change your radio to transmit (TX) on 462.550 and receive (RX) on 462.550. Now you and the other handheld radios can communicate without a repeater.

Hope that helps.