Repeater Offset

Hello everyone, I am using a 2 meter Ham radio(kenwood-tm281), I can add frequencies manually. But from next week i am going to work somewhere with repeater in area(Hauling Gravel). So the frequency list which they gave me shows Different Transmit and receiver frequencies( TX 162.225,RX 167.325.325). So how i can add these different frequencies in same channel?
Thank you.

I’m unfamiliar with that model. The manual should fully cover this.

Page 23 in the manual covers this in decent detail - 600KHz offset is the default, menu option 10 lets you change it to something else. No point copying the manual here - so here is a link.

My comment is based on the assumption you are in the USA.

There are a number of issues here, but the biggest is that unless that radio has been modified, illegally (in the US) I might add, it isn’t going to transmit on the frequencies mentioned. The Kenwood TM-281 is an amateur only radio and has a transmit range of 144-148 MHz. It does have expanded Receive so it’s possible to listen on those frequencies, but not transmit.

If the radio has been modified, it’s still illegal to use on the mentioned frequencies, which are in the Land Mobile Radio Service, because it doesn’t have the necessary certification under Part 90 of the FCC regulations. No radio intended strictly for ham use does.

As of January 1, 2013, the FCC mandated that all radios used in the Land Mobile Radio Service be narrow band capable, meaning having a bandwidth of 12.5 KHz. Amateur radios do not meet this spec.

It sounds like you want to use the radio for business. That’s also illegal per FCC regulations. The US regulations state that amateur radio cannot be used for any purpose in which the individual has a “pecuniary interest” meaning getting paid.

In a nutshell, what you are proposing is illegal in the US, period.

Thread Closed, due to discussion of illegal operation.