Repeater help PT 2

Ok here is a photo of a repeater that’s open in my area

What’s what ?

Do I have to program the freq or do I just look for it in the repeater graph and go to that channel

And if I do use that channel what’s what

Here’s the numbers

Once I get this I’ll be good to go

Thanks !!!

Ok, I’m new at this also, but here goes. In order for you to talk to this repeater you have to program into your radio the 2 frequencies. The repeater’s input is the output on your radio and and visa versa. There’s no travel tone so it’s truly an open repeater. The tones unlock the repeater so you can use it, but this one has none so none need to be entered on your radio.
The range is truly approximate. It has to be pretty much line of sight to get that distance number.
I believe what I said here is correct. If not it will get corrected I’m sure by someone more knowledgeable in the subject

There is ctcss code of 131.4 I think

This does help me though

on the repeater shown in the picture is actually 127.3. so you would have to enter that in your radio. (either channel assignment) or in general radio operation (however that is not recommended as different repeaters have different tones.

If you put the 127.3Hz in the transmit - you don’t actually need the 127.3 in the receive - if you don’t you’ll just have normal squelch you can back off to hear really weak signals.