Repeater help please


I recently got my GMRS license and I am so confused with research. How do I know what repeaters I am able to operate on with this license. I did an import from repeaterbook on CHIRP for nearby repeaters and about 10 results returned within 20 miles but am I allowed to operate on them?

I did a search on repeaterbooks website for GMRS and found hardly any repeaters so I am a bit confused in what I should look for and be aware of. Here is a repeater in my area that I am interested in. 146.925000 Baldwin Hills. Am I able to operate on this repeater?

Also, pardon my ignorance but the FCC assigned me a call sign. What is this used for? I dont see much information online on what a call sign is and what its used for.

First, the purpose of a GMRS callsign is to identify yourself and your station on the air. There is an official protocol required by the FCC for doing so, and some general etiquette to follow. Read this post in the forum for both.

As for repeaters, the repeaterbook on CHIRP is primarily intended for ham radio operators. The go to resource for GMRS repeaters is You will need to create an account and login for full access to the repeater database, but it’s easy.

Most GMRS repeaters are owned and managed by individuals. Some of them are intended for their private use, and others are available for public access, however many will require permission from the owner first. The database will usually include contact information for this purpose.

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Just more agreement with Rick. is where you wanna go for gmrs repeater listings.